Welcome to Switchback Raceway, LLC. Since its opening, Switchback has become a premier practice and raceway for dirt bike/motocross and atv riders of all ages and skill levels. We have 3 tracks including two outdoor tracks and a INDOOR practice and race facility that is open year round regardless of the weather. Located on 2469 William Flynn Highway/Route 8 in Butler, Pa 16001. Please join us again for another great year of practice and racing. facebook switchback mx
One is lighted and we hold Saturday night races on.  It's good for all skill levels and everything is table topped and or camel backed for the most part.  It's soil type is clay, top soil and mulch we mix in. It has a underground sprinkler and hose station irrigation system around the entire track.      

The mx track is larger, longer and consist of bigger jumps and obstacles and is more high speed than the lighted track and has some elevation change.  It too has underground / sprinkler and hose station irrigation system. Soil type is the same - top soil, clay and mulch mixed in.  It has step ups, table tops, doubles, triples, step downs et... everything that provides everyone with great practice and a good time riding.
Switchback Raceway boasts a 6 lane wide , football field size, indoor race facility with obstacles to challenge every level of rider.  We change the track up often to keep thing interesting for both practice and racing.  Indoor is rentals only for the summer Call 724-478-3634 (Track Line) or email to schedule a rental.

Learn about practice, race & rental opportunities   Learn about practice, race & rental opportunities   Learn about practice, race & rental opportunities

The track will be closed for a few weeks as we have a lot of work to do to the irrigation system, have to move the starting gate back outside, and do some work to the motocross track. Will post update once everything is complete.


2015 SWITCHBACK Spring series

  • May 16th, 2015
  • MAY 30TH, 2015
  • June 13TH, 2015
  • JUNE 20TH, 2015
  • July 11TH, 2015
  • JULY 25TH, 2015

2015 SWITCHBACK Fall series

  • AugUST 15TH, 2015
  • AUGUST 29TH, 2015
  • SeptEMBER 12TH, 2015
  • SEPTEMBER 26TH, 2015
  • OctOBER 10TH, 2015
  • OCTOBER 24TH, 2015
All minors that come without their legal parents they must have a NOTARIZED waiver to be able to ride.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  
Switch Back indoors 2/22/15     
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